SHP to adopt NHIA’s new Home Infusion Patient Satisfaction Survey

August 09, 2017 Product Update

The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) has been developing standard data definitions for patient outcomes to home infusion pharmacies. The purpose of this industry-wide initiative is to build national benchmarks and outcome measures with the ultimate goal of improving patient quality and satisfaction (

In addition, the National Home Infusion Foundation, on behalf of NHIA, has created a set of uniform patient satisfaction survey questions for adoption by all home infusion providers. The survey questions were released in April of this year for the industry to utilize as soon as possible.

SHP is happy to adopt the new NHIA infusion industry standards to support the data initiative for patient outcome improvement. As a result, we will be replacing our existing proprietary home infusion patient satisfaction survey with the new survey, approved and issued by NHIA, for all our current and future customers. The adoption of the NHIA survey will allow home infusion pharmacies to compare their performance to a standardized national benchmark. This will be a great benefit to home infusion pharmacies as they work with referral sources and payers, and will aid their internal organizational efforts to improve performance.

“Satisfaction data is a meaningful and essential source of information for improving patient care. NHIA’s standardized and validated questions improve data accuracy and will finally allow providers to compare results, making each individual provider's data more meaningful”, said Connie Sullivan, Vice President of Research and Innovation at National Home Infusion Association. Ms. Sullivan emphasized, “These questions represent a critical advancement for the home infusion field and NHIA applauds SHP’s decision to adopt the NHIA uniform questions into their satisfaction survey tool”.

We have included a link to the new survey that SHP will be using below:

View the NHIA Home Infusion Patient Satisfaction Survey »