Automatic HIS reports, HQRP reporting,
QAPI requirements with real-time data

Real-time hospice quality reports

Upload your data automatically. Easily manage multiple reporting requirements. Easy-to-use dashboard combines Hospice Item Set (HIS), Quality Assessment Performance Improvement (QAPI), and CAHPS® Hospice.

 SHP interfaces with your EHR software to extract a complete set of hospice benchmarking data, including all Hospice Item Set (HIS) fields. This data feeds a comprehensive suite of real-time Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP) and demographic benchmarking reports. Tasks that many hospices complete manually are automated by the SHP for Hospice program.

Public Reporting of Quality Scores is Here to Stay

With the launch of the new CMS Hospice Compare website mid-august 2017, it's more important than ever for hospice providers to focus on quality improvement. Your HIS data is now reported publicly, and CAHPS Hospice Survey data will become public in winter of 2018.

SHP helps hospices take a proactive approach to improving their HIS and CAHPS Hospice scores before they become publically available. For example, our SHP for CAHPS Hospice solution gives you real-time performance reports along with benchmarks from the largest database in the industry. Our Real-Time Hospice Compare report gives you access to all of the data CMS plans to report and you can have it in real-time to take immediate corrective actions.

HQRP Reporting from Your Hospice Item Set

SHP’s real-time HQRP reporting suite includes:

  1. Real-Time HQRP Analysis – a comprehensive rollup report detailing how your organization is performing on the 7 publicly reported HQRP measures calculated from Hospice Item Set data.
  2. Real-Time HQRP Executive Advantage – compare hospice locations within your organization to identify strengths and weaknesses in the 7 HQRP measures, identifying specific performance improvement opportunities by location.
  3. Real-Time HQRP Patient Detail – a key real-time drilldown component of the HQRP Analysis and Executive Advantage reports, this report is built to review individual patients who have met or missed HQRP measure benchmarks.

Real-Time HQRP Analysis Report

Hospice Scorecard Suite

Recently added to meet hospices’ pressing need to measure, manage, and report quality by Case Manager, Team, Referral Source, Primary Payer, Primary Diagnosis, and more. Hospices can use the new Scorecard suite to quickly assess and compare provider or staff performance and easily identify high and/or low performers. Metrics include caseload, top DX categories, Pepper metrics, HQRP scores, potentially avoidable events, symptom control stats, financial and operational data, CAHPS scores, and more.

Hospice Scorecard Overview Report

SHP tracks key fields for your QAPI program

A few examples of key features:

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) – data from your Edmonton Symptom Assessments System (ESAS), HIS forms, and Hospice Admissions records provide insight on your hospice patient population. The SHP KPI report provides a thorough analysis of patient demographics, primary diagnosis categories, discharge reasons, length of stay, and more.

Hospice Executive Advantage – a high-level comparison within your enterprise tracks performance related to QAPI measures and patient census for all locations. In addition to state and national benchmarks, it identifies for your organization the unique nature of the patients served by each hospice location.

Potentially Avoidable Events Report – track potentially avoidable events from the organizational level all the way to the patient level, and take a closer look at reasons why a patient may have ended up in the hospital, had a fall, developed a wound, and more.

SHP Hospice Key Performance Indicators report

Why SHP for Hospice?
Automatic data collection and display Real-time view into performance Largest benchmark database Compliance with CMS requirements Detailed reporting for all measures