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SHP for Home Infusion

SHP for Home Infusion is a web-based, automated, real-time data solution that helps your infusion pharmacy manage your performance across clinical, demographic, financial, and utilization domains.


SHP for Home Infusion helps your organization:

line graph iconAutomatically track clinical, financial, demographic and utilization data
bar graph iconHelp optimize performance with benchmarks
thumbs up iconImprove patient satisfaction

We help you review data real-time and improve quality

SHP’s Home Infusion report suite presents most relevant real-time views into performance of your pharmacy.

  • Real-time views into areas for improvement
  • Ability to drill down to lists of affected patients for more insights
  • Interactive on-demand reports with benchmark comparisons
  • Easy-to-use comprehensive overview of metrics across multiple categories

When you purchase SHP for Home Infusion, you gain access
to the following actionable reports:

Performance Indicators reportPotentially Avoidable Events report

Service Summary – a high level overview of census, demographics, payer source, referral source, prior hospitalization, clinical characteristics, therapy distribution, catheter statistics, discharge details, and more. You can filter the report by specialty pharmacy, core home infusion or all patients.

Potential Avoidable Event (PAE) Overview –a comprehensive overview of a provider's potentially avoidable event scores by event type.

Potential Avoidable Event In-Depth – a comprehensive overview of all metrics related to a single event type.

Discharge Reason Overview – a comprehensive overview of a provider's discharge reasons.

Discharge Reason In-Depth – event type details within a single discharge reason.

PAE Executive Advantage – a quick analysis of potentially avoidable events metrics across an enterprise with sites grouped by state with state and national benchmarks.

Patient Detail – a sortable patient list accessed by drilling down from selected metrics in the aggregate reports.

Patient Comprehensive – an overview page of all details pertaining to an individual patient.

Operational Efficiency Benchmarking – one page financial summary.

We provide a complete solution for
patient satisfaction surveying
SHP has been performing patient satisfaction surveys for the Home Infusion industry for more than 15 years. We handle the entire process from mailing, processing, reporting and benchmarking.

And we're here to help

Dedicated customer manager

We assign a customer manager to every SHP client. This person will help you get the most from your SHP for Home Infusion solution.

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Training on all subscribed products

We will make sure you get all the training you need to use our solution effectively - SHP University, webinars and dedicated group or individual sessions.

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Why SHP for Home Infusion?
Automatic data tracking Real-time view into performance Dynamic reports with numerous filters Largest benchmark database